Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Expired MLS Listings: Real Estate Investment Goldmine?

Written by Than Merrill

Could expired MLS listings contain a gold mine of discounted real estate investment opportunities that you have yet to access?

For those that have MLS access, as a Realtor or through industry contacts, expired home listings can be incredibly lucrative to those that take advantage of them.

Expired home listings, as their names suggest, are those that were once on the market, but never sold. Maybe they were grossly overpriced, ill-marketed, not staged, or maybe the seller was not aware of available short sale options.  Expired MLS listings can be the result of numerous complications.

Recently expired listings are often sought after by competing Realtors that barrage sellers with mailings or cold calls, promising to continue with additional marketing on their behalf.

Failure to sell a home on the MLS may result in a particularly motivated seller. This is especially true if you go back to listings that expired or listings that were cancelled six months to three years ago.

However, market improvements have created more equity within the housing sector, resulting in motivated owners.  Take this opportunity to reach out to previously expired MLS listings. Let them know what a great time it is to sell their property.

Let them know you can close fast and net them more income for their property, avoiding the risk of losses associated with holding on to the property too long.

Mail, email, phone and even door knocking can be smart ways to connect with them. Give it a shot and look at other angles for getting similar data on those that are likely in this same situation.