Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Generating Curb Appeal In Less Than Appealing Conditions

Written by Than Merrill

Whether or not you have the luxury of deciding when to sell your house, the process itself is an immense undertaking. There are essentially countless factors and conditions that can alter the direction you choose to head – many of which are entirely out of your control. Of particular importance, however, is the concept of curb appeal. The idea of making your property visually appealing to prospective buyers is an integral part of the selling process. Subsequently, there are certain times of the year in which generating curb appeal is all but futile. In other words, it can prove to be more difficult to work within the confines of the fall and winter months.

For obvious reasons, summer and spring are more conducive for the sale of a property. There is a bevvy of information made available to those who wish to make their home more attractive during warmer months. Conversely, there is not as much information made available to help those increase curb appeal during winter months. Fortunately, while winter sales coincide with less than favorable conditions, they do not need to evoke trepidation. There are things you can do to your property during the winter and fall months to increase its curb appeal. The following list highlights four important things you can do to increase curb appeal in crummy weather:

1. A Clean Yard Is An Inviting Yard

It may go without saying, but a clean yard is a welcoming yard. Having said that, it can be much more difficult to keep your yard free of debris throughout the colder months. As sure as the sun will rise, trees will drop their leaves – it is inevitable. With the changing of the seasons, you need to make sure you are keeping up with routine maintenance. First and foremost, the lawn should always be presentable. Make sure you keep the lawn as neat as you would in the summer months. If you live in an area where snow is not a problem, consider edging your grass and adding mulch. This will give your yard a finished look that is uncharacteristic of fall and winter. While you are at it, you need to trim dead ornamental grasses and shrubs.

A clean yard will say a lot about the property as a whole. Perhaps even more importantly, prospective buyers will appreciate the time spent on making the yard look good. Though that appreciation, potential buyers will be more inclined to inquire further.

2. Clear A Path

This tip pertains to those attempting to sell houses in areas prone to snow and ice. Not only are these elements unattractive, but they also pose a serious injury risk. Given the opportunity, you need to clear driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and any other walking surfaces of dangerous ice and snow. Having said that, snow and ice are not always easy to predict. Clearing a path will require you to think ahead. Make sure to adequately prepare and purchase salt. You will have to shovel regularly, as you never know when an actually buyer will show their head.

For those not in danger of snow ruining their selling plans, it is still important to make sure all walkways are clear. Take the time to clear any debris that may serve as an obstacle or simply impede visual aesthetics.

3. Foster A Welcoming Environment

It is important to make your front door as welcoming as possible. However, this concept can be interpreted in more than one way. First of all, consider painting the front door to add visual contrast and interest. Yes – people like when the front door stands out from the rest of the house.

Beyond that of the front door, the fall and winter months actually provide a unique opportunity to make the house more inviting. Provided you celebrate holidays, this time of the year provides ample opportunity to decorate accordingly. Take advantage of the holidays and decorate your yard.

4. Make Sure It Is Well Lit

Not just a late winter holiday staple, outdoor lights can bring a cozy warmth to your home’s appearance. Trees, fountains, paths and patios benefit from this extra attention. Consider adding rope lights, lanterns or luminaries along your driveway and walkway up to your front door. LED spotlights on trees or windows can add a majestic quality to otherwise lack-luster features. Rope lights can also make a powerful impact when added below handrails and railings.