Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Home Remodeling How To Series: An Education In Rehab Systems

Written by Paul Esajian

By Paul Esajian

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There are many aspects to a successful rehab. From demolition to laying down carpet and everything in between. If you do not use a proven rehab system, you are not setting yourself up for success. In my “How To” series I will walk you through key components of the rehab process and talk about our proven systems for getting the job done.


Investing in knowledge is one of the three key components that will make you and your real estate investment career prosperous. Through the acquisition of knowledge and the pursuit of proven and true systems to implement in your rehab business, you can be assured your goals will become a reality. Time, money, and knowledge are the three elements to completing a successful and profitable rehab. Our pursuit and understanding of designing, implementing, and managing a successful rehab are built from a platform of these elements.

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Understanding key components of the different aspects of the rehab process will allow you to become a well rounded real estate investor. You will be able to better estimate costs, negotiate with contractors and more effectively sell wholesale properties. When you are able to walk through a home, determine that the exterior siding needs to be replaced and quickly estimate the amount of material and cost associated with the installation, you are maximizing your time and energy.

My “How To” articles will touch on many important topics. For example, essential knowledge, key terms and definitions and contractor management. The goal is to give you a basic understanding of the different areas of the house. After reading through an amazing “How To” article, I want you to say “wow Paul I did not know that.”

I spend much time lacing up my work boots, managing contractors and making sure our projects get completed on time and budget and I enjoy sharing some the knowledge I have acquired. Knowledge truly is power. It is the foundation for our success in any endeavor. Do not simply go through life…grow though life.

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