Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The New Real Estate Game Changers

Written by Than Merrill

2013 won’t just be a stellar year for real estate investing, we are in the middle of some major transitions which will shake up the industry and rocket those on the forefront of them far beyond any of their previous goals…

5 real estate game changers evolving now:

1. Huge Bets

Trophy properties are back in and huge bets are being made by spec builders looking to serve those chasing them. Florida builders are selling spec homes for tens of millions of dollars, a 1 bedroom property just sold for over $20 million in California and two thirty something year old developers are currently building a $322 million spec home in London.

2. Private Lending Becomes Mainstream

Between higher taxes, poor returns elsewhere, a need for solid income investments and surging confidence in the housing market private mortgage lending is becoming mainstream. It will no longer be a mission to sell the idea to affluent investors but getting an opportunity in front of them which will serve their needs and egos.

3. New Frontiers

With the super wealthy and top performing real estate investors looking to hide their wealth from the tax man and embrace the next big thing in real estate we are entering completely new frontiers. Beyond missile silos housing luxury condos, inverted underground pyramids and off the grid communities in the desert get ready to see floating countries and real estate deals in space emerging in the next year.

4. The U.S. Takes First Place for Investment Again

Despite having been home to many property bargains for the last few years the U.S. has still had a lot of competition for global investment dollars. That’s all changing and investors should expect to see the U.S. housing market as the number one investment of 2013.

5. Mobile Apps

Real estate apps are the future. Sadly the real estate community still lacks a truly great app which locks in consumers for the long run but expect one to roll out soon. Once apps like this starting being adopted lifelong customers will easily be made but those who have failed to embrace technology will regret dragging their feet.