Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Real Estate Innovations: The Key to an Investors Future

Written by Than Merrill

Google’s May 15th conference revealed an amazing amount of new developments. So what real estate education lessons can be taken away from the event and used to improve your investment success?

Of course, Google Glass was mentioned at the event, but it was just a fraction of what was covered. Comparison of the Google event with recent Apple developments will explain why the iPhone maker is taking a beating. Google is constantly innovating, whereas Apple continues to release updates of the same product. As investors, how can we learn from the addition of new real estate innovations?

If you want to shine as a growing real estate investing company, you need to keep innovating, capturing attention, be exciting, and really make an effort to add value. Embrace real estate innovations. Recognize that you aren’t just selling homes or buying them; you are offering valuable solutions that have a huge impact on the future of many lives.

While Apple’s neglect of these factors clearly presents a serious threat to the longevity of what was once perhaps the world’s most loved brand, Google’s new approach is paying off. Android has exploded and now boasts some 900 million users. Play, alone, has seen 2.5 times the user revenue year over year. Its year to date payouts have already exceeded those of all of 2012.

Google is now a force in mobile apps and serious about going from 900 million users to being intertwined in the daily lives of everyone on the planet.

Those serious about real estate investing marketing are about to see huge developments in real estate innovations, including real estate apps. Soon we will see targeting capabilities with a plethora of new features and tools.

Real estate innovations may include auto log-in and app downloads across multiple devices with Google Plus. Then there is ‘Geo Fencing,’ monitoring Android users’ activities and locations, without GPS capabilities.

Those that stay on the forefront of these trends and embrace these tools will enjoy incredible conversion ratios and profit margins more easily.

So get serious about innovation. Find more ways to offer value and improve customer experience. Learn more about your customers and really hone in on your ideal prospects for blossoming real estate investing success.