Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Tried & True Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Will Produce Results

Written by Than Merrill

It’s no coincidence that today’s most prolific investors have become synonymous with one thing, and one thing only: real estate marketing strategies that produce results. If for nothing else, few things are more valuable to residential redevelopers than their source of incoming leads. And what brings them said leads? The answer is simple: tried and true real estate marketing strategies. It’s important to note, however, that’ strategies aren’t relegated to activities alone. No. Strategies can range from the actions you take to the way you carry yourself in front of buyers. And those that grasp this concept will have a much greater probability in landing a buyer for their next deal.

Real estate investors shouldn’t have to rely on marketing strategies that may or may not produce the results they want; they should, however, count on those strategies that have already proven capable of delivering. That being the case, not all real estate marketing strategies are created equal, nor will they produce the same results. You need to know the strategies you decide to implement going forward will produce the results you want. If you would like to find more buyers for your properties, may I refer you to the following real estate marketing strategies designed to do just that.

Real Estate Marketing Strategies That Produce Results

Finding buyers

It’s not the real estate marketing strategies that make the investor, but rather the results they produce. If you want to find more buyers for your properties, might I recommend implementing a few of the following strategies into your own business plan:

1. Networking

While groundbreaking it is not, networking is such an important real estate marketing strategy that it would be impossible to formulate a list of today’s best lead generating practices without it. That’s not to say networking is the only form of real estate marketing that warrants your consideration, but no other strategy coincides with a better return on investment. In exchange for a mere conversation, it’s conceivable you could uncover the buyer of your next deal.

Yet, while many investors are fully aware of the power of networking, there are still a select few that relegate it to the outdated marketing strategies trash heap. For reasons beyond me, there are still people who ignore networking for one reason or another. And they couldn’t be making a bigger mistake.

I am convinced that networking produces impressive results, especially when you consider the process as a whole. In its simplest form, networking doesn’t coincide with excessive costs, sleepless nights, or even the slightest degree of risk. It really is the perfect marketing strategy. By simply talking to those in your profession, or adjacent industries, there is no reason to think you couldn’t make acquaintances with professionals that could be of assistance to you down the road. And whether you know it now or not, those contacts you make today could very well be the buyers you need tomorrow. At the very least, you will never know until you try.

2. Honesty & Integrity

Winning over potential buyers isn’t solely relegated to the real estate marketing strategies you implement. While integral in attracting potential buyers, strategies are merely a way to catch one’s attention. But once you have their undivided attention, what next? How can you turn an interested buyer into the actual recipient of your next deal? In my experience, there are only two answers: honesty and integrity. Otherwise known as transparency within the real estate investing landscape, honesty and integrity must be exercised every waking hour of every waking day — no exceptions.

Though not a real estate marketing strategy, per se, both honesty and integrity find themselves in the pantheon of practices that can never be omitted from any step of any process. In a way, honesty and integrity are the single, most important step in every real estate marketing strategy you intend to use, so it’s worth noting that no attempt at marketing is complete without them.

As a real estate investor, you must exercise the utmost honesty and integrity in everything you do, and marketing is no exception. If for nothing else, these two attributes are unparalleled in their ability to create lasting relationships. And what is finding a buyer for your latest deal if not for building a relationship with someone that is in need of your services?

Buying a home has become synonymous with today’s largest purchases, and prospective buyers are more than aware of what’s at stake. They want to know that everything is on the “up and up,” and the house they intend to buy is void of potentially devastating consequences. The least you can do is give them peace of mind. That said, honesty and integrity will go a long way in generating trust between you and a potential buyer — the necessary foundation for a deal to come to fruition. Without these two fundamental characteristics, you can kiss any hopes of finding a buyer goodbye.

3. Speed Of Implementation

Outside of honesty and integrity, few things can make you look better to prospective buyers more so than the speed in which you take action. Speed of implementation, as it has come to be known in the real estate industry, actually serves more than one purpose. First and foremost, taking immediate action inherently places you ahead of the competition. While the real estate landscape isn’t necessarily a first come first serve industry, it may as well be. It’s never a bad idea to be the first of your peers when trying to land a deal, or even responding to phone calls. Whatever the case may be, there is typically no downside to taking action fast — sometimes it’s your greatest asset.

It’s worth noting, however, that taking action immediately has a subsequent benefit: those you are working with are sure to realize your sense of urgency. And, as it turns out, buyers appreciate it when real estate investors place the buyer’s needs ahead of their own — surprise, surprise. Few things do more to generate good will from a buyer than placing their needs ahead of your own. So if you can take immediate action on their behalf, you are off to a great start. If for nothing else, those that don’t take action quickly are inherently slow, or perhaps even lack the urgency most buyers covet. Consider this: If you are not fast, you are inherently slow. And no buyer will prefer to work with a slow real estate investor. So take it from me: If you want to attract more buyers, exercise a sense of urgency.

The best real estate marketing strategies transcend physical actions; they are the ones inherently ingrained deep within your own character. Today’s most prolific investors know it, and so should you: To attract buyers, you need to be someone they are capable of working with.