Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

Wholesalers Should Consider Turnkey Property Investing

Written by Than Merrill

While turnkey property investing can be very rewarding for those who do their research, certain exit strategies may benefit immensely. In particular, wholesalers should consider the prospects of turnkey property investing immediately.

For most, turnkey property investing may appear to be at the opposite end of the spectrum in regards to real estate wholesaling. However, many may be unaware that these individual strategies compliment each other very nicely. If there was ever a time to simultaneously embrace these two strategies, now is the time to do it.

There are many great reasons to choose wholesaling as your primary strategy. However, now is a great time to consider buy and hold properties as a means to expand your portfolio. With that being said, joint strategies can be mutually beneficial to each other.

Here are 6 reasons wholesalers need to consider turnkey investing:

1. Diversity

While wholesaling is certainly capable of delivering large profit margins, there is clearly a lot to be said for diversity. Diversify areas, diversify property types and diversify strategies to maintain consistent income protection.

2. Put Income on Autopilot

While wholesalers that adopt proven systems can also enjoy turnkey operations, few are there yet. Turnkey rental property investing can balance the load and relieve pressure, delivering steady income throughout the holiday season and year round.

3. Peace of Mind

Building on the above, turnkey investing means that investors can take as much time off as they want during the holidays. However, while taking time off, respective individuals are allotted the opportunity to maintain a steady income. This strategy constantly brings in money, whether you are working or not.

4. Passive Wealth Building

Flipping houses is a great way to net lump sums of cash for now and in the future. Still, it is not very passive. Even with a team working on your behalf, you must put in time. Turnkey property investing is truly passive wealth building. Plus what better place is there to keep your cash safe and working for you today?

5. Get Ahead for Next Year

Those that haven’t been able to book as much time off as they would like this holiday season can use this as their way to get far ahead for next year. Even if every penny of wholesale income is blown, a good turnkey rental property portfolio can still ensure a nest egg.

6. Superior Exit Strategy

Those keen on the idea of doing everything themselves can always consider offering turnkey investment opportunities. It is a superior way to move properties and make them more attractive to other end investors. Those looking for a more hybrid solution could hook up with those providing these services.