Real Estate Trends: More Investors Choose Part Time

Investing in real estate can mean something different to everyone that considers it a viable career path. That is perhaps the most alluring aspect of becoming a real estate investor: the freedom to invest however you feel. Of the many privileges that have become associated with such a freedom, however, none may be more enticing than the ability to choose whether or not you want to invest part time.

Surprisingly, recent trends suggest that more investors are interested in practicing real estate on their own free time. While the numbers are close, the majority of real estate investors are part time. Perhaps it is a fear of committing to the industry or the prospect of losing benefits from their current nine-to-five, but it appears that full-time investors have taken a backseat to part-time investors.

Believe it or not, the number of part-time investors serves as a testament to the industry. Considering that the average gross profit for a flip during the first quarter of 2015 soared to $72,450; investors are making more and working less. That is the highest documented average since experts began tracking flipping numbers in 2011.

The following helps explain why there are more part-time investors in today’s real estate landscape:

Part-time real estate investing