The Ultimate Home Selling Checklist For Owners, Investors and Agents

Key Takeaways

  • A home selling checklist can help you stay on track through a complex, multi-step process.
  • The selling your home checklist is adapted specifically for the homeowner, listing agents and investor roles.
  • All three checklists can also be used to get an idea of the roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled by everyone on your home-selling team.

Sometimes it can feel like putting a property up for sale takes a village, but having a useful home selling checklist can help everyone involved stay on track. According to U.S. News, this year’s market conditions are expected to strongly favor sellers, so now is a great time to take action. Below you will find a checklist for selling a home to help you take advantage of the seller’s market.

The Selling Your Home Checklist You Won’t Want To Miss

Are you interested in putting your property up for sale, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are a first-time homeowner selling your home for the first time, a real estate agent just starting their career, or a newbie investor getting ready to sell their first rehab project. No matter what position you find yourself in, you will appreciate that the home selling process is not easy, and involves multiple, complicated steps. However, putting in the effort each step of the way is completely worth it when it comes to the potential payoff.

Below you will find a home selling checklist, adapted specifically for sellers, agents and investors, to help you and your home-selling team stay on track:


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