10 Creative Ways To Find More Cash Buyers For Your Home

How can real estate investors find more cash buyers for their deals?

As the housing market keeps marching forward, real estate investors are finding plenty of deals. Yet, many are holding out for cash buyers. Fortunately, there are billions of dollars for them to take advantage of, as long as they know where to look. Lenders are desperate to put money to work, foreign investors are plowing capital into the U.S., and wealthy individuals are hungry for deals. Of course, there is also a ton of competition for the money.

It’s getting a lot easier to finance property, and many investors may not even need cash buyers. However, many are chasing them. So how can you stand out, find those with the cash for properties, and urge them to take action on your deals?

1. Attend Real Estate Auctions: Many real estate investors still flock to a variety of types of property auctions in search of deals. They are armed with cash, and are ready to move quick. The problem many face is being out bid by a few entrenched players which dominate local auctions, or others willing to pay too much. Many leave these auctions with their cash still in hand. What you need to do is to introduce yourself at these auctions. They need deals, you’ve got them. In fact, you can give them better deals in most cases. Be sure to let them know the advantages of working with you.

2. Host Your Own Real Estate Auctions: People love auctions. They offer excitement, the perception of great deals, and can move properties for great prices. People expect to bring cash, so by the very nature of running an auction you’ll draw cash buyers. Auctions can be run for virtually any type of property, from vacant infill lots to large acreage, single-family homes.

3. Real Estate Crowdfunding: One of the biggest challenges to finding cash buyers, especially in hot markets, is that there are many individuals with limited amounts of capital. They all want to invest, but many don’t have the cash to take whole deals down themselves. Or, they may prefer to diversify what they have to minimize risk. Crowdfunding can be a great way to leverage the benefits of the above strategies, while reaching a larger and broader pool of capital.

4. Help Others Pool Money: Another way to tackle the problems above is to give those you do make contact with better tools for pooling money to invest themselves. Contribute some of your real estate knowledge so that they can raise larger sums of cash from their sphere of influence. Develop them to be better and stronger cash buyers.

5. Takeover Google Adwords: Pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns using Google Adwords can be great. They can offer fast results with relatively predictable returns. Of course, many find that they are up against competition here too. In hot markets, they may be just one of a dozen Google ads. If they aren’t dominating the search results with the real estate website and blogs, there are even more competitors per page of search results. However, with savvy keyword research you can dominate an area. Focus on boosting your search rankings with targeted SEO, and then bid out everyone else to dominate the ad space. Just completely push the competition off the page. If they aren’t seen, they might as well not exist.

6. Direct Marketing: The general strategy for direct marketing out there today is to go cheap, broad and long. That is sending the cheapest direct mail and email possible to a large number of borderline prospects. How about taking the opposite approach? How about honing in on highly targeted lists of cash buyers that have shown they are interested in your type of deal and have the money? Instead of mailing a cheap postcard to 5,000 people every month for the next seven months, how about mailing a really stand-out piece to 50 people this month?

7. Tap Angels & VCs: Venture capital and angel investors are plowing billions into unproven, overvalued, startups that are often losing $100 million a year. That’s completely insane compared to being able to buy tangible real estate, which is already delivering returns. Highlight the superior advantages of direct investment in real estate, and put some of that VC money to work in your venture.

8. Realtors: The National Association of Realtors (NAR) new homebuyer and seller profile shows more than 80 percent of both sides using agents to complete deals. As averse as some investors have been to using Realtors, it may be time to give it a try. Put that army of professionals to work for you.

9. Signs: Get creative with using real estate signs. Put them on your property, but also put them out where you know cash buyers are likely to see them.

10. Other Real Estate Investors: Who’s getting the cash from hedge and private equity funds? Who has been reeling in a ton of cash from recent sales that they need to reinvest? Track them down via news, their websites, public records and purchased lists.

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