Branding Your Real Estate Investing Business

Published on Monday - November 08, 2010

Branding is crucial for your long term success of flipping houses. Anyone can jump into real estate investing and do a few deals here and there. However, if you want to really achieve financial freedom by flipping houses and not have to return to your day job then you must build a solid brand. In fact many of the world’s most popular and profitable business empires have been built on the power of great brands alone. On top of this a good brand presentation can make closing deals and flipping houses easier from day one.

So what do you need to build a brilliant brand for your real estate investing business? You should begin with a business name, Internet domain name and toll free vanity number that match and form the foundation of your brand. Next you should move onto to the visual aspect of your branding. This includes your business color or colors, logo and website design. There is some strategy and psychology behind this but the most important thing is keeping a consistent and professional image. Flipping houses has a bad rap at the best of times due to those who have not treated buyers and sellers right. So the more professional you come across the better your chances for success.

However branding your real estate investment business doesn’t just end there. Your brand identity should also include verbal branding which incorporates your slogan, marketing copy and even the elevator pitch that you and any of your employees use when they introduce themselves and speak about your company.

Last but not least by any means your brand should be recognized for having a solid system. Yes every deal is different, but your prospects ought to know exactly what they are going to be dealing with. McDonalds hamburgers may not be the best in the world, but it has become one of the largest companies on the planet because because people know what they are going to get.

What kind of unique branding techniques do you use for your real estate business? Leave comments below!

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