Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate
Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The Importance Of Customer Service In Real Estate: Your Mission Statement

Written by JD Esajian

The importance of customer service in real estate should never be second guessed. Real estate investing is unquestionably a customer service industry, and the way in which investors communicate and interact with clients will ultimately determine their long-term success. Because the majority of investors tend to look strictly at their bottom line, the one aspect commonly overlook is customer service, including the importance of customer service in real estate.

Real estate investor should seriously consider developing a customer service mission statement for their company. While a conventional mission statement aims to articulate a company’s core purpose to the public and provide direction for the future, a customer service vision is meant to be shared within the organization. It serves as the foundation for any strong business, representing what the company stands for, why it exists, and how all employees can play a part in that vision.

“A service vision statement serves as a rallying point across the organization by being the one thing that all employees have in common, no matter what the individual job or title may be,” says John DiJulius in his book, The Customer Service Revolution.

For real estate investors, your customer service mission statement will serve as an actionable, measurable, observable, and trainable resource. It won’t be just another slogan or theme, but rather the heart of your business. The importance of customer service in real estate is undeniable, and the following will not only explain the significance, but provide tips on writing a truly inspiring customer service mission statement:

The Importance Of Customer Service In Real Estate

Real estate customer service

Although the bedrock of the real estate industry is customer service, the stimulus is hospitality. Along with delivering exceptional service, real estate investors should strive to provide high-quality hospitality before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met. By providing a continuous stream of service throughout the duration of the sale, including long after the deal has been made, investors will develop meaningful relationships that extend beyond the original transaction.

Whether a rookie investor or seasoned vet, the goal of customer service in real estate is to send customers away happy and keep them coming back for more. Done right, real estate customer service will assist investors in building trust, brand loyalty, a positive reputation, as well as produce real estate referrals.

Customer service continues to dominate the majority of marketing efforts in today’s industries–and for good reason. Not only can it elevate a good company into a world-class business, but it’s a vital component to how people and customers view a brand. The way companies go about their customer service initiatives, as well as their customer service mission statement, can reveal a lot. That said, the importance of customer service in real estate is imperative, as an investor’s time is generally comprised of 99 percent customer service and one percent paperwork.

Tips On Writing A Truly Inspiring Customer Service Mission Statement

How to write a customer service mission statement

Unlike a traditional mission statement, which generally clarifies a business’ goals and objectives, a customer service mission statement seeks to provide purpose to your frontline employees. In most cases, especially with beginner investors, this will include just you. For investors looking to improve their customer service, the following will provide tips to developing a customer service mission statement:

“The most important component to a world-class experience is that the staff isn’t focused on selling stuff. It’s focused on building relationships and trying to make people’s lives better,” says DiJulius.

As part of the visionary quest, the customer service mission statement will speak to the employees of a business and strive to give higher meaning to their lives. Why? Because customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. That said, understanding the importance of customer service in real estate is step one, the second stage is to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper in order to begin developing your vision. According to DiJulius, a customer service vision should include the following criteria:

  • Easy for all employees to relate to and understand
  • Simple, concise, and memorable
  • Actionable and empowering
  • Measurable, observable, and trainable

When writing a real estate customer service mission statement, it’s also important to consider the supporting pillars that make up your vision. In his book, The Customer Service Revolution, DiJulius outlines three pillar that should be used to support the customer service mission statement, and they include:

Pillar One: What type of service or product are you/employees offering customers? This section should highlight the quality of the service or product that will be provided to customers, as well as the level of expertise they will offer. That said, define your vision. What is your vision for customer service? What type of experience do you want customers to receive?

Pillar Two: This pertains to the customer interaction and how you, or your employees, intend to treat customers. In addition, it will entail customer hospitality, relationship, connection and personalization. Don’t be vague in this section; examine what your vision means and explain how it works.

Pillar Three: How will employees go above and beyond to achieve this vision of customer service? As an investor, this section will provide the autonomy needed for employees to exceed in providing your vision.

The importance of customer service in real estate is without a doubt a critical element to success. Because the majority of real estate investing consist of interacting and communicating with people, customer service will remain a key component for success as an investor. While the quest to achieve financial freedom will be ingrained in every investor’s mind, the competitive advantage for you lies in providing world-class customer service. Although not easy, providing extraordinary customer service will eventually cultivate into meaningful relationships built on trust, while also strengthening your reputation and creating brand loyalty.

How important is customer service to you when buying and selling real estate?