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Learn How To Start Investing In Real Estate

The Top Home Design Trends Of 2016

Written by Than Merrill

With the year’s end approaching fast, we decided to put together a collection of the hottest home design trends from 2016.

While a modern, streamlined look dominated most categories this year, traditional accents and vintage decor were used to create a mix-matched vibe. Neutral color schemes were selected for almost every room, and organic materials – including brick and reclaimed wood – were at the top of the best interior designers’ lists.

So whether you plan to sell in 2017 or you are simply looking for home improvements both you and your family can enjoy, scroll through our slideshows to find a design that speaks to you:

Kitchen Home Design Trends

The heart of every home is the kitchen, which is why it is so important to focus on this room’s interior design. While a total kitchen remodel can be quite costly (although typically has a great ROI), homeowners do not have to go over budget to upgrade aspects of the room. Consider purchasing a few quality accent pieces or slap on a fresh coat of paint to aging walls – remember, grey is the new white, and also, a lot easier to keep clean. As long as you make changes that align with the style of the rest of your home, you’ll be ready to enjoy a trendy 2017.

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Bathroom Home Design Trends

Transform your everyday bathroom into a luxury spa setting by adopting one of these bathroom trends. People spend more time in the bathroom than you might think, which is why giving this room a facelift in 2017 is a must. While bathrooms tend to be the smallest rooms in a home, they should not be overlooked. There is a lot that can be done to turn a small space into something trendy and comfortable. Similar to the kitchen, a total bathroom renovation is a big investment, but worth it for when you plan to sell. So click through these options to find a design that matches your style:

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Interior Home Design Trends

We’ve all seen images of those beautiful homes with interior design trends so perfect it is as if the decor came right off the pages of Vogue. Fortunately, you can have the same look if you choose to follow one of our meticulously chosen styles below. Getting that “magazine” quality look is not as hard as you think. In fact, your home might already possess some of the qualities necessary to achieve the right image. Get in the DIY spirit and transform your home into something you’re proud of.

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Backyard Home Design Trends

While it might be hard to think about upgrading your backyard during the cold winter months, you will thank yourself next summer if you start preparing now. Low maintenance backyards were hugely popular in 2016, which is why artificial grass and succulents were the top choices for outdoor greenery. Simple decor like festive lights and comfortable seating areas also took home the gold in terms of trends due to their affordability and aesthetic appeal. Become the talk of your neighborhood (and the new host of ever summertime BBQ) by implementing these easy design changes.

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Execute any of these popular home design trends from 2016 and you’re guaranteed to have your neighbors saying “wow”.