Florida Real Estate Market Trends & Analysis

The Florida real estate market is incredibly active right now, as both buyers and sellers have found themselves with ample opportunities. On the one hand, the same inventory shortage that has impacted everywhere else is alive and well in Florida. A distinct lack of available inventory in Florida’s largest markets has allowed those who are selling to increase asking prices in response to the growing demand.

On the other hand, Florida is one of a handful of states which saw foreclosure activity rise in the first half of 2019. Therefore, in spite of statewide appreciation, there’s a large contingent of distressed real estate in Florida which may be acquired at a discount. Together, these indicators have facilitated an incredibly active market that bodes well for anyone partaking in it, especially real estate investors.

Florida Real Estate Fees & Regulations

Real Estate

Closing Conducted by: Title Companies, Attorneys
Conveyance: Warranty Deed

Foreclosure Procedure

Primary Foreclosure Method: Judicial
Process Period: 4 - 6 months
Notice of Sale: Court
Redemption Period: Yes


Income Tax: None
Corporate Tax: 5.50%
Sales Tax: 6.00%
Estate Tax: 40%
Inheritance Tax: No
Median Property Tax: 0.97%
Property Taxes by County: http://www.tax-rates.org/florida/property-tax#Counties

Average Transactional Costs

Closing Cost: $2,648
Transfer Fee: Conveyance 0.7%; Mortgage 0.35%
Origination Fee: $1,982.00


  • Median Home Value: $235,500
  • 1-Year Appreciation Rate: +4.3%
  • Median Home Value (1-Year Forecast): +2.0%
  • Median Rent Price: $1,800
  • Price-To-Rent Ratio: 10.90
  • Average Days On Market: 86
  • Percent With Negative Equity: 7.0%
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.3% (latest estimate by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics)
  • Population: 21,299,325 (latest estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Median Household Income: $50,883 (latest estimate by the U.S. Census Bureau)
  • Percentage Of Vacant Homes: 19.30%
  • Foreclosure Rate: 1 in every 1,633

Florida Foreclosure Trends & Statistics

Tax Lien Investing

  • Tax Lien or Deed: Tax Lien (also holds Tax Deed Sales)
  • Interest Rate: 18% on TLC
  • Redemption Period: 2 Year Redemption on TLC
Below you will find a list of online auctions in the state of Florida. Most counties in Florida conduct their tax lien sales in the months of May and June. Florida offers great opportunities for online tax lien investing.

Florida Online Tax Deed Auctions

Florida counties like many other states are moving their tax auctions online. Many Florida counties already conduct their tax lien auctions online annually. And now some Florida counties are conducting their Tax Deed Sales through the Internet. This can give investors a new opportunity to purchase tax deeds without attending a live sale. This can save with the cost of travel and the expense of attending live. Below we have listed some the Florida counties that have moved to online auctions.

Florida Online Over-The-Counter Tax Lien Sales

Online OTC Liens: There are many counties in Florida that are offering their Over the Counter Liens online now. This makes it easier to research and buy over the counter liens. Go ahead and click on the counties listed below to research over the counter liens. County Info: Florida uses a tax lien system to enforce the collection of delinquent property taxes. Tax Liens are offered to the public at the annual tax sale. If a property does not sell at the auction, it may be purchased from the county over the counter. This gives tax lien investors a great opportunity to purchase tax liens at the highest interest rate paid according to state law. In Florida the maximum rate of return is 18%. Counties also offer a 5% penalty payout on liens that redeem within the first year. This works as an added benefit for investors in Florida. A combination of high interest rate returns and a large selection of Over the Counter liens make Florida an excellent place to invest.